Day 70: The See-Through Spaceship

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In these days of easy interstellar exploration, you just never know when a neighbor living one (or several) galaxies over might stop by for a visit.

After all, extraterrestrials like to read too. And they love waffles.

So it just makes sense that if distribution limits how far your new book can be shipped, your alien fans might just decide to jump into their spaceship and pop up to your neck of the Milky Way to get a copy for themselves.

Arriving is the trickiest part (after all, everyone saw what happened once news of E.T.’s arrival got out – can anyone say “paparazzi?”).

So the best way is to just come incognito. For this, a personal cloaking device plus a see-through spaceship is perfect.

Yes, it is true the large featherless Earthlings might wander by the strange translucent ship and wonder “what the heck is THAT?”

But if they can’t see the occupants, then book pickup, beak-o-graphs, photos with the feathery author, all that can be done in “stealth mode” (a mode the author himself is a particular fan of) with no one the wiser.

Well hello there, galactic visitors. You have come for a copy of my new book, I presume?
Copies? Of course you can purchase several copies. Beak-o-graphed? It would be my honor.
Sure I can beak-o-graph your copy as well. You know, it’s a good thing my large featherless press secretary just stepped out for more of that awful brown stuff she likes to drink. Otherwise, she might wonder why there is a large see-through spaceship parked on the runway and I would have to stun her with “cuteness” as a diversion.
Speaking of which….hey, “Mom,” CUTENESS! [See what I mean, guys – works every time.] Now where were we? Photos with the author? Happy to oblige….
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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