Day 73: “The Con”

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Every born leader quite naturally attracts eager personal assistants.

This is a tough job – while there are many applicants, obviously only the best of the best are accepted.

Once a worthy and well-trained featherless being has graduated to “personal assistant” status, they can take shifts being in charge of “The Con.”

“The Con,” of course, is you.

Whoever has “The Con” is exempt from all other duties (including dishwashing, dog walking, trash, and, well, anything else that individual doesn’t particularly feel like doing).

This important role is especially useful on major holidays, when insignificant rituals such as opening presents, ingesting delicacies, and staring at the large reflective screen with all the images (the one in the family room, not the one on the desk) can interfere with you receiving the amount of attention you ordinarily command.

The Tall Tree takes a shift with "The Con."
Here, during a special holiday assembly, the Tall Tree takes the first shift with “The Con.”
The Small Tree takes over from the Tall Tree for the next shift with "The Con."
The Small Tree takes over from the Tall Tree for the next shift with “The Con.”

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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