Day 76: The Great Grape Gang Gripe

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In the world of super-secret “black ops” agents, there is such a concept as “organized crime.”

To the general public, this sounds really scary, as well it should.

But when you have top secret clearance, you know something the masses don’t – “organized crime” doesn’t mean “organized criminals.”

As the famous and feathery actor who has garnered worldwide acclaim for his portrayal of the legendary (and rumored to be) lookalike secret agent .007, pint-sized super spy, Pearl Cutts is particularly proud to announce his newest one-avian play:

“The Great Grape Gang Gripe”

The box office isn’t even open yet when a line begins to form. Eager long-time VIP fans plus many newcomers line up to get choice tickets for the performance event everyone is talking about.

Paparazzi are so keen to capture lucrative footage of the event they are even snapping photos of the fans….who are clearly not unaware of their five seconds of fame and are behaving accordingly (i.e. even worse than usual).

Soon enough, the excitement overwhelms some of the newbies, who receive the news that the star has just arrived backstage with a giant en masse faint.

The delighted paparazzi are snap, snap, snapping away even as they race around the corner in hopes of capturing a rare offstage photo of a certain elusive feathery celeb…

So these are the criminals – the legendary “great Grape Gang?” I didn’t expect them to be so….green.
Alrighty boys – well, for starters, you don’t exactly blend in. What do you have to say for yourselves?
What do you mean, “you didn’t do it?” You don’t even know what you’re in here for yet!
No, I don’t care whose fault it is. This time. Or last time, for that matter.
No, it doesn’t matter if all you did was drive them there and back. No, of course I don’t believe you all just met one another on the way over. Have you ever heard the phrase “organized crime?” I didn’t think so.
Yes, “Mom.” They did it, alright. Although I’m not sure exactly how they did it, seeing as how the only thing organized about this gang is their choice of uniform color! Yes, book ’em. Waffle break? I thought you’d never ask!

As the mysterious large featherless being known only as “Mom” walks onstage to collect her charge, the great Grape Gang can still be heard arguing amongst themselves about who did what, whose fault that was and why none of them are guilty of any of it.

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