Day 79: Surprising the Ladybirds

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Single ladybirds love a good surprise.

There is nothing more romantic than a well-choreographed surprise that looks spontaneous.

This is why, if you are really serious about getting the girl during the ultra-competitive spring nesting season, you want to plan out your big surprise until it runs like clockwork.

Your large featherless assistant is a great one to practice on, too. With her powers of observation, you can practice-sneak up on her hundred of times and she will always be genuinely surprised.

So the first thing you want to do is pick your super-secret “surprise” nesting spot.

Here, it really helps if you have a background in “black ops” so you can pick out the stealthiest and most surprising spot.
It is also important to make sure all of you fits inside your chosen spot. If not all of you fits right at first, you may need to get creative.
Once you have cleverly concealed yourself in your super-secret hiding spot, you need to wait for the right moment to spring your surprise.
Surprise! Believe it or not, ladybirds find spontaneous “fierceness” very romantic – a clear sign of what a great nest protector you will be!
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