Day 79: The Greens are Always Greener….

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As any true gourmand knows, much of the appeal of fine cuisine is in the presentation.

Let’s say, perhaps, that your large featherless assistant offers you a green leafy thing for your breakfast.

But it doesn’t look appetizing to you – until you later see it beautifully displayed on the small shelled being’s breakfast plate.

These greens sure do look tender and tasty!
Boy, this green thing sure looks tastier on this yellow plate!
I think I'll start with this fresh leafy thing in the front.
Very tasty indeed.
Yes, I'll just "share" this portion with the small shelled being - I'm sure that's why Mom left her plate out like this.
In fact, I can’t remember the last time greens tasted so delectable.
Uh oh. I hear an approaching poacher.
I wonder why Mom has such a weird look on her face.
Time to break out "cuteness" - just in case.
Time to break out the “cuteness” – just in case.
She still looks pretty weird.
She still looks pretty weird.
I'll just pretend I got confused about whose breakfast was whose.
I’ll just pretend I got confused about whose breakfast is whose.
Yup. Worked like a charm. She's smiling and pointing that small rectangular flashing device at me....
Yup. Worked like a charm. She’s smiling and pointing that small flashing device at me….

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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