Day 83: Perching

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When you are small, round, and cute with grey feathers, you quickly become well-versed in the “Psychology of Perching.”

Where you choose to perch says everything about your place in the household pecking order – which is at the very top, of course. And nothing says “top” like “high.”

Here, if you cannot secure a very high movable perch (such as the Tall Tree) the next best thing is a high immovable perch.

That way you can select the activities you want to participate in and easily avoid the ones you don’t prefer (such as your quarterly trip to the V.E.T.)

The expert demonstrates "The Psychology of Perching."
The expert demonstrates “The Psychology of Perching.”
Uh oh - I see Mom coming my way with her car keys in hand!
Uh oh – I see Mom coming my way with her car keys in hand – I’d better find an even higher perch!!
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2 thoughts on “Day 83: Perching

    1. He definitely recognizes my calling to him, but since he can’t fly (left wing injury when he was a chick), he relies on me to come get him. Sweet baby – he is so patient!!

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