Day 85: Defense

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It is always good to get the New Year’s eating off on a healthy note.

Since both members of Casa Feathers N’ Beak enjoy steamed greens, they are an easy choice.

However, some members of the household have better manners than others.

For instance, maybe there is a bowl of freshly steamed greens sitting out that one member was about to consume.

But then that member gets distracted. Perhaps at that point the other member might spot the bowl.

And dig in.

Exhibit A: a bowl of freshly steamed spinach.
Whoops. Mom has "that look" again.
Whoops. Mom’s coming back – and she has “that look” again.
Time for my emergency defense – “classic cuteness.”

Which….of course….works like a charm to get the suspect off the hook.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Yet again.

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