Day 85: The Urban Jungle

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Living life in the “urban jungle” has its perks…and its pitfalls.

This is especially the case if you were born with aerodynamic wings covered in soft, fetching feathers – clearly a being designed to perch up high in a leafy green casa with camouflage and privacy to spare.

Instead, you find yourself living in a flock where the tallest structure in your casa is your large featherless assistant. And she doesn’t have a single leaf on her!

Worse, all the smaller green leafy beings you share your dwelling with have been declared “off limits” to family members who have beaks. So unfair.

You know it will be up to you to get your jungle mojo back, using only the materials at hand and your legendary avian creativity.

Hmmm. Yes. This structure definitely shows promise.
It is true there isn’t a speck of green anywhere on it, but at least it got the brown part right.
Plus, it is quite spacious – “family-sized,” I would say – definitely roomy enough for two feathered beings and their eggs.
Nice, high ceilings with plenty of clearance for quick take-offs and landings.
Uh oh. A large featherless poacher is eyeing this nest site. I’ll just beak-o-graph it to let her know it is spoken for….
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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