Day 94: Emotional Support Birds R Us

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The large featherless beings think they are so clever, with those bumper stickers and t-shirts proclaiming “Who Rescued Who?”

But when you have feathers, fur or a shell, you don’t even have to ask that question, let alone wait for an answer.

Rescuing. It’s just what you do.

Of course, if someone absolutely insists on giving you a badge or a medal or something and then photographing you with it and bragging to all their large featherless friends about what a smart bird you are, so be it – (true) public service announcements never hurt anybody.

And maybe all those announcements will help more large featherless beings remember how much better, richer, happier, and more loving life can be when you choose to live in an interspecies family.

A registered Emotional Support Bird looking very dignified and serious, as becomes his important position.
An Emotional Support Bird looking very cute, which is just one of his many supportive qualities.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon

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  1. That’s fantastic. Now you just have to get him a teeny tiny little vest to wear and a teeny tiny little id badge. Congratulations Pear on your new status.

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