Day Nine: Eggs

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Everyone knows how a bird is made.

First it is in an egg and then it comes out of the egg.

In my extensive research on this subject I have learned that, for the new bird, the act of hacking its way out of the egg builds muscle coordination or survival skills or something like that.

Plus apparently each egg has a limited supply of emergency rations and oxygen, so failing to exit on time can lead to discomfort. Or worse.

What is far odder than this setup, however, is when one’s full-grown egg-free avian develops a culinary preference for….eggs.

My avian likes pretty much all egg dishes – quiche, scrambled, sunny side up.

But his favorite – by far – is hard-boiled.

I don’t even have to peel it for him (apparently those hacking instincts are hard-wired for life).

Candid shot of one of many highly rated boiled egg brunches on Mommy's kitchen windowsill.
Candid shot of one of many highly rated boiled egg brunches on Mommy’s kitchen windowsill.

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