Divorce Among the Gulls

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Any book with the word “gulls” in the title is fine by me.

This is because I just happen to adore seagulls with a passion that mystifies even me.

I love their begging, their insistence on ample personal space, their sometimes solitary nature, their forwardness, their resourcefulness and resilience.

I love how they tolerate human misunderstanding and cruelty without letting it break, shake or even affect them.

But most of all, I love that certain researchers and scientists are finally taking the time to connect the dots that link Homo sapiens (aka us) to the Laridae family (aka gulls).

On that topic, “Divorce Among the Gulls” takes an especially interesting approach to decoding human behavior, working backwards from H. sapiens to discover the source of human motivation and behavior by examining the same in our non-human contemporaries.

“Divorce Among the Gulls” looks at humanity from the perspective of mockingbirds, medflies, gorillas, rats, bats, gulls, pigeons, snakes, and even alfalfa.


Which, of course, makes this book a must-read in my, er, book.

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