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It is impossible not to love a cockatiel.

I say that with total objectivity of course (it has nothing to do with the fact that I just so happen to cohabitate with the prettiest, smartest, sweetest cockatiel in the whole world. ;-))

So of course on holidays, birthdays, or any day really, everyone wants their picture taken with the cutest member of the family.

Pearl with “the Tall Tree”. At 6’3″, my dad is arguably her favorite. It doesn’t hurt that he often dresses in green.
Pearl with my mom (aka the “Small Tree”). Mom, as primary (okay only) chef always attracts the feathered one’s devotion.
Pearl with Mommy (aka me). Pearl is showing off with one of her specialty moves – “big wings”. This is a clear indication that she prefers a different, more personally advantageous perch (see “Tall Tree” or “Small Tree” above).

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