Friday Wet Bird Couture: The “Cattail Reed”

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Cattail reeds are large and delicious. They produce many seeds that have been enjoyed by feathered and featherless beings alike as far back as 30,000 years ago!

They are also real leaders. They like to colonize new places before all the other beings get there.

Once the cattail reeds arrive at a new place, they get busy right away making more seedlings. After the seedlings grow up, they in turn fly away on the wind to start up new flocks of their own.

Several cattail reeds busily growing seedlings to start new flocks in new places.

It takes a bold and brave super(bird)model to capture the adventurous spirit of the pioneering cattail reeds.

Without further ado – presenting Pearl Cutts modeling Wet Bird Couture’s latest must-have look, the “Cattail Reed!”

Here, notice how individual feathers are carefully choreographed to “fly” up and away from the neckline, like so many cattail reeds growing up to become explorers of new lands!


Shannon & Pearl

WBC’s Open Casting Call for Super(Bird)Models!

CameraWet Bird Couture’s “Model Casting Call” is seeking super(bird)model talent for its growing roster!

Would you like to see your own feathery super(bird)model featured* here?

Here’s what to do:

  • Send a photo of your aspiring model to us at
  • Include the inspiration behind the look (optional but appreciated!)
  • Watch upcoming editions of Wet Bird Couture for your showcase!
  • All selected applicants will be featured in the order received.🙂
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