Happy Day O’ Treats From Our Flock to Yours!

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Living in an interspecies flock pretty much guarantees you will run across some customs that seem more than a little (or a lot) strange.

Take “Halloween,” for example.

This event appears to happen in phases.

During the “Disguise Phase,” the large featherless / shell-less beings all pretend to be somebody else.

Whoever does the best job of not looking like themselves comes home at the end of the night carrying a bag filled to the brim with delicacies.

Next, the winners proceed to guard their treats for the rest of the a) evening or b) year, depending on how long it takes them to complete the “Consumption Phase.”

After the Consumption Phase comes a phase that seems to revolve around a small rectangular object on the floor that they like to stand on, stare at and then yell at…sometimes a lot.

It is all uncommonly odd.

Odd or not, they get all excited and happy when this day arrives, and “excited and happy” is always a good thing!

And so, from our sweet little interspecies flock to yours, we wish you a very excited and happy Halloween!

cockatiel sits on dinosaur
Happy Halloween from Pearl!
redfoot tortoise wears dinosaur costume
Happy Halloween from Malti!
box turtle buried in dirt
Happy Halloween from Bruce!

The Tall Tree & the Small Tree

Pearl,  Malti,  Bruce & Flash Gordon

their Large Featherless / Shell-Less Assistant

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