Happy Holidays! & Pearl Explains How to Claim the Best Gifts

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The day of a big flock gathering can quickly get hectic.

This is especially true on the days the large featherless beings call “holidays.”

On these days, you can count on finding your personal Small Chef in the kitchen whipping up extra delicious delicacies just for you.

Your featherless “beta” flock members, meanwhile, will be clustered around an aromatic green being who is in charge of guarding a large number of boxy-looking guests wrapped in crispy, crunchy paper.

As the official flock greeter and “alpha,” you will want to be sure to welcome these guests personally. They will all want beak-o-graphs as well, which works in your favor since you can sample each paper type as you go along and pick out your favorites.

When you find the paper you like the best, be sure to claim it right away. You can do this by standing on top of it while posing and looking very cute, like so:

By standing on top of your selected guest and posing while looking very cute, you let your “beta” flock members know the item is spoken for.

However, the slower “beta” flock members may not correctly interpret your behavior and may require more obvious clues that the item is no longer up for grabs. In this case, you will want to do a second beak-o-graph for emphasis, like so:

By doing a second beak-o-graph, you will a) make the boxy guest extra happy, and b) let your “beta” flock members know more obviously that item is spoken for.

Of course, this only works if your “beta” flock members are actually paying attention (and, as all feathered beings know, you definitely can’t count on this!).

For those who weren’t, it may be time to break out the big body language guns, like so:

By jumping right inside the boxy guest and beginning to beak-o-graph its contents one by one, you send the unmistakably clear message that the item has been claimed.

While one can always hope this will prove sufficient for even the least alert “beta” flock members, for those who still haven’t quite grasped the process, there is one final tactic you can try, which is to beak-o-graph the card that the boxy guest brought with it, like so:

An “alpha” flock member (with feathers) demonstrates how to send the clearest possible message that an item has been claimed.

Still need more boxy guests for all your flock members? Pearl would like to recommend his personal crunchy, crispy favorites, “Love & Feathers” and “Waffles & More!” You can order both “right away no waiting,” which is just the way Pearl prefers it!

Happiest holidays from our flock to your flock!


The large featherless assistant

The Tall Tree

The Small Chef



The wild & woolly furred being (aka Flash Gordon)


p.s. Pearl wants to send an extra-feathery special thanks to his Auntie Wendy & his brothers from another mother, George & Buddy, for providing all the wonderfully crispy, crunchy “props” for today’s demonstration! <3


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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie. www.animallovelanguages.com

6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! & Pearl Explains How to Claim the Best Gifts

  1. Thanks for being a feature today! Pearl was so helpful in opening and claiming gifts!! Merry Christmas to you and your flock!!

    1. He is so reliable that way! Happiest Christmas to our dear auntie Wendy, George and Buddy from our whole flock!💞

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