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If there is one holiday that (um) sings to Pearl’s heart, it is Labor Day.

What a brilliant idea – a whole day dedicating to resting! (After all, everyone knows resting makes feathers shinier and softer and enhances overall “prettiness” and “cuteness.”)

Plus, when your flock is well-rested and close by, there are more large featherless assistants available to prepare and serve your delicacies, scratch your itchy neck feathers, accompany you on musical selections, watch for predators while you nap, and admire your soft grey and white feathers.

Clearly, Labor Day should happen more often. MUCH more often.

Pearl...enjoying a(nother) restful Labor Day nap while his flock of large featherless assistants watches out for predators.
Pearl…enjoying a(nother) restful Labor Day nap while his nearby flock of large featherless assistants watches out for predators.

To encourage even more resting, Pearl is giving away one beak-o-graphed book this month to one VIP fan! To enter, just post your reply to the sentence below in the comments section here. We will announce the lucky winner at month end. 🙂

“Happiness is…… (fill in the blanks with one or many entries!)”

BeakOGraphRight_cropPost your entries in the comments section below to be entered into a drawing to win a FREE beak-o-graphed BOOK (1 entry per person; 1 book drawing per month while supplies last).


And Happy Labor Day!



His large featherless assistant/biographer/press secretary/typist/maid

The Tall Tree

The Small Chef

The wild & woolly furred beings

The small shelled beings

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