Happy National Bird Day from Pearl & His Mommy!

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Here at Casa Feathers n Beak, every day is all about the feathers.

And each year on January 5th, other flocks from around the country join in the celebration in honor of National Bird Day.

Click on the poster to learn more about National Bird Day activities!
Click on the poster (above) to learn more about National Bird Day activities!

National Bird Day is a partnership between the Avian Welfare Coalition and Born Free USA.

There are lots of ways to celebrate (Pearl suggests “eat more waffles” and his mommy suggests “give more belly kisses” – or you could do both!!)

Pearl celebrating National Waffle (um, Bird) Day...while keeping a close eye out for poachers...
Pearl celebrating National Waffle (um, Bird) Day….while keeping a close eye out for belly-kissing large featherless poachers….

Here at Love & Feathers, we invite you to celebrate with us by sharing what you love most about your own feathery flock members!

If you post your shares here (in the comments section below), you will be automatically entered to win* this lovely “Out of Cage” bird charm necklace!

This beautiful "Out of Cage" bird pendant necklace will belong to one lucky winner! :-)
This beautiful “Out of Cage” bird pendant necklace will belong to one lucky winner! 🙂

Happy National Bird Day from our flock to yours!

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

*The winner’s name will be chosen via Random.org and posted on the “Giveaways” tab on Pearl’s blog. The winner will also be notified by email. The necklace + shipping is on us. 🙂
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8 thoughts on “Happy National Bird Day from Pearl & His Mommy!

  1. Pearl, you look pretty darn happy about diving in to that waffle. Happy Bird Day to you!! What I love best about my feathery kids…their cute chattering as they’re falling asleep, but trying to stay awake; how much they love taking baths, and sending water flying everywhere; how they think pellets are delicious when put in the treat dish, but won’t touch them in their seed cups; how they feel so soft and warm and tiny [when I can actually hold them. Finchies aren’t like ‘tiels; they’re scared of being caught].

  2. I love watching my cockatoo fly around the house, free. He’s a very strong g flier and it gives me a thrill to watch him in action. Plus, I love it when he snuggles me!

  3. Happy bird day to Pearl! <3 I love watching my bird explore the world around her.She's such a free spirit & full of energy.Also when she looks up at me so sweetly when she wants to be petted! 🙂

  4. I love when they let me snuggle with them, giving them head scritches as I watch their little faces lost in pure bliss, or bury my nose to smell their soft sweet feathers. When their excited chirps call out to me as soon as they hear my car alarm beep. When they smile, their lovely eyes looking up with a sideways glance as if they’re seeing the most glorious scene. When they have cage time out and they fly happily and free. I swear they’re smiling their most beautiful smile from ear to ear, or should I say cheek to cheek? LOL! And the list goes on…That just proves how much I love birds! (especially cockatiels) 🐤🐥💙💚💛

    Cachi, Perlita and the rest of the flock say Happy National Bird Day to Pearl!!

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