Happy Tall Tree Day!

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Not every feathered being is so lucky to have their own personal Tall Tree to roost in.

Having the Tallest Tree means you have the most safety from predators and the best vantage point for spotting new delicacies and getting first dibs.

In interspecies flock life, it also reinforces your status as “alpha” flock leader, on account of how the tallest family member (literally) towers about the rest.

When your personal Tall Tree enjoys the same activities and hobbies that you do, such as napping, eating, and being musical, well, clearly you’ve just won the Tree lottery!

A family member with feathers happily roosting with his personal Tall Tree.

Happiest Tall Tree Day to Pearl’s Grandpa from his loving flock!


His large featherless assistant

the Small Tree



the wild & woolly furred being

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