Introduction: Wet Bird Couture

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If anything cuter than a freshly showered cockatiel exists, I have yet to see it.

Except for perhaps pictures of baby cockatiels.

Or baby cockatiel eggs.

Or mommy and daddy cockatiels tending baby cockatiel eggs and feeding baby cockatiels.

Or pretty much any picture of Pearl.

But I am getting off-topic…..

The freshly showered cockatiel is not just squeaky clean (and I do mean clean – both inside and outside).

There is also an undeniable artistic component that comes into play when water-meets-feathers.

Or at least a certain feathery someone’s proud Mommy thinks there is. 🙂

Which is where Wet Bird Couture comes in, of course. One of us has to be stylish. And it certainly isn’t going to be me.

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