Introduction: Books & Flicks with Wings

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A certain small literary avian pondering a stack of absolute classics.

One of the (many) lovely things about recovering from any serious health issue – such as an eating disorder, for instance – is that once your time is freed up from arm wrestling said health issue, you have lots of free time for HOBBIES.

Which means – naturally – that these days, I read a lot of books about birds.

Big birds, small birds, wild birds, pet birds, famous birds and birds no one has ever heard of….until now.

Same goes for films.

In addition to books, I have always loved movies – in fact, there is a whole section in my own first published book called “Ed at the Movies”.

Here in “Books & Flicks with Wings” I will share some of Pearl’s and my favorite books & flicks with wings with YOU. (psst: Pearl likes the ones with noisy chirping soundtracks the best, but lucky for you my tastes range a bit broader than that. ;-))

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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