Monday Happys: A Tail of Two Cities

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The large featherless assistant here: recently invited Pearl to be a part of their fun February photo-blog campaign “A Tail of Two Cities.” From our flock to yours – we hope you enjoy this special edition of Pearl’s “Monday Happys!” 

Pearl, Malti, Bruce, their mommy, Pearl’s grandbirdparents and Flash Gordon all live in Houston, TX. We are delighted to be participating as a flock in’s “A Tail of 20 Cities” photo-blog campaign.

Here is the flock photo we chose to share for the campaign along with a brief story about why we love living in Houston, TX! (Malti was under the couch at the time this photo was taken, and Bruce was happily hibernating).

Pearl, the Tall Tree, the Small Chef and Flash Gordon raise a glass to Houston, TX!

A Post-Hurricane Harvey Family Christmas

In this Christmas Day photo, my parents are sitting in the one-bedroom apartment where they’ve been living since August, when their lovely home of 42 years was flooded during the controlled dam release following hurricane Harvey. The day of the dam release, Mom and Dad and Flash Gordon, our dachshund puppy, were rescued by kayak at 7am, leaving behind everything they owned as their home filled up with water.

Since that time, as a family we have been immersed in a never-ending stream of FEMA paperwork, aid requests and contractor meetings. Throughout, our friends and our pets have been a source of never-ending grace, laughter and hope, and that is what we were celebrating on Christmas morning in this photo.

To me, this picture represents everything I love about our city. We are strong and resilient and we put people and pets over “stuff.” Over and over my parents have said, “This was a tragedy, but at least we are all safe.” And truly, I could spend hours telling you amazing stories about how friends and total strangers have come forward and offered my folks precious kindnesses at just the perfect moments.

I think we have a very pretty city full of beautiful scenery, interesting sights and great culture. But it is our people and our pets that make Houston feel like home to our little flock.


Shannon & Pearl (& Malti & Bruce)

The Tall Tree & the Small Tree

The wild & woolly furred being

P.S. On this campaign, we are joined by 19 other amazingly photogenic pets and their parents from around the world.

Check out all of the photographs here Tail of Twenty Cities Photo Journey and feel free to join the fun by posting your own pic of your precious pet!

HINT: Use the hashtag #RoverCities so your pet’s pic shows up on their live feed as well!

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