Monday Happys: Adventure!

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Big or small, short or tall, young or old, rich or poor, feathered or featherless, there is so much happiness to be found in this world.

And since Monday is the most stressful day of the week for many featherless beings (on account of something called “work”), Pearl figures it is also the perfect day for his weekly tutorial on finding happiness!

One big problem with Mondays tends to be a lack of adventure. On the days that start with “S,” for example, there is typically lots of adventure to be had!

So the days just flow….you don’t know anything in advance, such as when you might wake up, when you will dine, how many single ladybirds you might meet….

Clearly, the key to making Monday a day to look forward to is to add in more adventure, spontaneity, new discoveries!

Pearl takes his stressed-out large featherless assistant on a spontaneous little in-casa adventure….to discover his food bowls!

What helps you make Mondays feel cheerier? Pearl & his mommy would love to hear your tips!

Shannon & Pearl

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama. Pet & people blogger.

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