Monday Happys: Featheryness

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“Featheryness” is a technical term.

It describes what happens when you wake up – on a Monday or on any other day – and look in the mirror and see you are covered in soft, fluffy and photogenic feathers.

Featheryness is associated with happiness, joy, gratitude and good feelings in general. But even better, featheryness can transmit these same good feelings to others who witness the phenomenon.

So let’s say the sun rises and a snoozing being without feathers hears and then turns off her alarm clock and gets up out of bed. She then notices it is a Monday (yuck).

Just then, the being with feathers sleeping in the cage beside her bed stirs and cheeps. She goes over, uncovers the cage, lifts out the feathered being and they move to the mirror.

They then both notice how the second being is covered in soft, fluffy and photogenic feathers. They both feel happiness, joy, gratitude and good feelings – even though only one of them has feathers!

For this reason, featheryness is one of the most reliable ways to brighten up a Monday…or any day that needs brightening, for that matter.

A being covered in soft, fluffy, photogenic feathers effortlessly transmits happiness to brighten up his flock’s Monday!


Shannon & Pearl

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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