Monday Happys: Good Company

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Featherless beings, generally speaking, don’t look forward to Mondays.

Feathered beings, on the other hand, are perfectly happy when another Monday rolls around.

For this (and many other) reasons, featherless beings often choose to add beings with feathers to their close family flock. This is a very wise choice, of course.

Once you add a feathered being to your life, you can wake up easily on any day of the week – even a Monday – because you know you will be waking up into very good company.

When you are in good company, you feel wonderful.

You feel needed, wanted, treasured, loved….heck, you feel so good, you have to look twice to verify that you haven’t grown any feathers of your own since you arose!

Once you know there is a being with feathers eagerly awaiting your awakening, you will spring out of bed with alacrity each day, looking forward to that first powerful dose of good company to start your morning on just the right foot!

A feathered being and a featherless being enjoy “good company” together bright and early (okay, sort of early) on a Monday!


Shannon & Pearl

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