Monday Happys: Grandma and Grandpa

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There are so many great reasons to include a feathered being in your life.

For instance, feathered beings are very loving. They are love with wings. They don’t care what you look like or whether you are in a bad mood or what you are wearing. They just want to be with you and give love and get love back.

This is especially true when a feathered being sees his grandparents. That is “mutual admiration society” at its finest!

A grandma and her grandbird, preparing to whip up some victuals that start with “W.”
Post-victuals, a grandbird enjoys a restful nap in the lap of his doting Grandpa.


Shannon & Pearl


  1. Grandbird looks so sweet on grandpa’s lap. And of course, as I can see, well away from the antipoop cover. 🤣💙

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