Monday Happys: Happy Holidays!

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Some Mondays each year are definitely more preferred than others.

Some Mondays, in fact, are so preferred they can even out-rank non-Monday days (such as Tuesdays or Wednesdays, for example, since typically the popular event known as “happy hour” doesn’t happen on those days).

One such Monday is the annual event called “Christmas.” While not everyone formally celebrates this event, pretty much everyone gets the day off from “work” anyway, which is almost as good!

For beings who do celebrate, they can look forward to lots of presents…especially if they happen to have feathers.

TIP: Here, it is always best to open the ones that smell like waffles first, on account of how this lets you enjoy your gift while it is still toasty warm!

In true holiday spirit, a feathery gift recipient pounces on a fresh gift right away to quickly decipher if it is waffle-flavored or not!

Happiest of Holidays from all of us here at Love & Feathers & Shells to our treasured extended flock – YOU!


Shannon & Pearl & Malti & Bruce

The Tall Tree

The Small Tree

The wild & woolly furred being

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