Monday Happys: Holiday Leftovers

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Big or small, short or tall, young or old, rich or poor, feathered or featherless, there is so much happiness to be found in this world.

And since Monday is the most stressful day of the week for many featherless beings (on account of something called “work”), Pearl figures it is also the perfect day for his weekly tutorial on finding happiness!

Having extra days off during the holidays can make you feel even more reluctant to head back to the office after a nice long break. But there is one perk to a post-holiday back-to-work day….holiday leftovers!

Here, the early bird gets the worm (so to speak) – showing up bright and early means you get first dibs on the victuals.

TIP: If you see a co-worker trying to horn in on a choice delicacy, just reach out and lick it. This is a great way to let others know you have already claimed it for yourself.

A being with feathers demonstrates how to let your (large, featherless) co-workers know you have already claimed a choice “leftover” for yourself.

What helps you make Mondays feel cheerier? Pearl & his mommy would love to hear your flock’s favorite tips!

Shannon & Pearl

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