Monday Happys: How to Greet Your Day

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There are so many great reasons to include a feathered being in your life….especially on a Monday.

Often people start out their Mondays on “high alert,” but for some reason they don’t realize this is a good thing.

Just the slightest shift in perspective, and what feels like stress can be re-framed as street smarts – the natural, heightened alertness that keeps you on your toes and ready for any new excitement or opportunity!

In fact, this is how feathered beings greet every new day in their lives. No feathered being will ever let a new day sneak up on him. No way – if you have feathers, you always want to be the first one to issue a greeting, and to make that greeting as loud and confident-sounding as possible.

This way, the new day knows exactly who is in charge. With the “alpha” leader established, each new day – Monday or any other day – is guaranteed to go much more smoothly!

Here, a feathered being loudly greets his new Monday, clearly establishing his “alpha” status so that things are guaranteed to go smoothly all day long.


Shannon & Pearl

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