Monday Happys: Meetings

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If there is one thing the large featherless beings don’t seem to enjoy, it is the activity called “meetings.” Since these often happen on the day called “Monday” (is it a coincidence both start with the letter “m”?), it just makes sense this day is also the least popular one.

But when you have feathers, you also have the keen vision to figure out what isn’t working about Monday meetings. For example, most meetings that happen on a  Monday don’t have any attendees with feathers to liven things up.

Also, clearly the snack planner needs some help (whoever heard of a meeting with no millet?). Finally, every attendee should be guaranteed time on the large rectangular thing with the crispy keys.

A skilled meeting planner (with feathers) offers advice on snack selection, scheduled activities and how to make Monday meetings fun again.


Shannon & Pearl

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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