Monday Happys: Meetings

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There are so many great reasons to include a feathered being in your life….especially on a Monday.

For example, Mondays are notorious for including events called “meetings” that the large featherless beings never seem to want to go to.

This is likely because, unlike weekend meetings where you can choose your own attendees, start time, agenda and snacks, during the Monday meetings each of these is typically chosen for you.

No wonder no one ever seems to enjoy Monday meetings very much!

Luckily, most weekday meetings don’t have any written rules that specifically exclude inviting attendees with feathers. Not only are beings with feathers very vocal and social, which makes them great for leading the meeting ice-breakers, but they are also very cute.

As such, the presence of a feathered being at a Monday meeting can make everyone else more eager to attend too, because everyone knows that if you stand next to a very cute being with feathers, you will also automatically look cuter!

Here, a very cute feathered being demonstrates some of the many benefits of including attendees with feathers during Monday meetings, including quickly breaking the ice and helping everyone there look automatically cuter!


Shannon & Pearl

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