Monday Happys: Teamwork

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Teamwork in general is a good idea.

With the right team, the activity the large featherless beings call “work” wouldn’t feel like work at all. It would be fun!

What companies today don’t realize is that featherless beings work better when the team includes at least two different species. They are also able to get to work on time, and they need less of that odd brown beverage to be able to work with their eyes open.

Let’s say, for example, that a company decided to integrate their teams to include both featherless and feathered beings.

So then, instead of walking into the office to encounter the sight of a grumpy featherless co-worker staring back at you, you might see this instead:

Pearl demonstrates how adding feathers to any work team makes teamwork  both more fun and more productive!


Shannon & Pearl

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