My Toothbrush, My Friend

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I don’t know if all birds have the kind of love affair with the toothbrush that Pearl does, but there is definitely something special going on there.

Mine is electric. It looks like this:

It is long, slim, and two-toned.

So I suppose my long, slim, and two-toned avian might be forgiven for assuming that this toothbrush isn’t really a toothbrush at all, but rather a slightly more exotically-hued avian buddy.

There really is rather a resemblance:

This is what happens the moment I power the little sucker up:

First, listening. Next, an explosion of conversation that can only be heard, not described. They chatter. They confer. They trade secrets.

And once the toothbrush is powered off for the evening, they wait eagerly for their next not-so-secret (and not-so-quiet) meeting of the BFFs.

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