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Most kiddos like to play a good, rousing game of hide n’ seek from time to time.

Feathered kids are no exception, it would seem.

Only feathered kiddos never seem to grow out of their enthusiasm for the game.

At 10 years old, Pearl still enjoys this game as much as she did when she was newly hatched.

However, I suspect that in her birdie head, the real name of the game is “now you see me, now you don’t see me – I’ll come out when I want to – deal with it.”

This first bit of dialogue gets her attention and signals the start of the game.

"I see feeeeeeeeeet....."

At this point, she knows what I’m getting at and is deciding whether or not to to oblige.

"And a cute cockatiel beeeeeeak......"

Yup. I feel like playing:

"Hah. Mommy really thinks she's tricked me into ducking under this mirror".

The piece de resistance to a successful game:

"Haha. She never learns. I'll show her. I can hide from her anytime I want to."

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