Pearl Answers Your Questions: Why Do You Like Waffles?

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The large featherless being here….

One of the (many) best perks of being personal assistant to a VIP client with feathers is nonstop opportunities to learn.

Now we are delighted to announce Pearl has opened up the Q&A line to YOU, his treasured VIP fans!

Ask him anything – we guarantee you he has an answer!

To submit your questions:

This week’s question comes from a VIP fan:

Dear Pearl,

Why do you like waffles so much?




Dear Katrina,

Waffles are very delicious.

I highly recommend them.

Of course, it helps if you have a personal Small Chef who knows exactly how you like them prepared (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside).

Waffles are my favorite dish because they are the tastiest and also have the best texture for both eating and flinging.

Oh, and also, they are as scrumptious for dinner as they are for breakfast (or lunch, or brunch, or a snack)!

With love (& feathers),


….as dictated to his large featherless press secretary

The Q&A Expert fortifies himself with the world's tastiest delicacy, the "waffle."
The Q&A Expert fortifies himself with the world’s tastiest delicacy, the “waffle.”

p.s. Remember, you can submit your own questions for Pearl by sending them to: (all questions are answered in the order they are received)

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