Pearl Cutts in “Waffle Questioning”

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Being a bona fide black ops agent is challenging even on the best day. So many suspects, so little time.

But it gets even harder when the suspects smell quite good and taste even better.

This is why not everyone can be .007, pint-sized super spy. It takes stamina and resolve to stay focused on the mission in the face of such temptation.

It also takes lots of practice, often via “role playing” (aka “acting”).

Speaking of which, Love & Feathers is very proud to present .007 himself, Pearl Cutts, in his latest one-avian play:

“Waffle Questioning”

(When the audience enters, the room is redolent with a mouth-watering aroma. A gorgeous lone waffle can be seen in the center of the stage. Then the star appears. The drooling audience tries to cheer and “ooh” and “aah,” but the delicious scent is so strong their overactive salivary glands won’t let them do more than gargle out a greeting.)

Hello there. You must be today's suspect in for questioning.
Hello there. You must be today’s suspect in for questioning. You know, you smell really good. A familiar smell, too….I’m sure I can place it….
Did you just say, "Do you want a piece of me?"
Did you just say, “Do you want a piece of me?” Don’t mind if I do!

(Here, the still-salivating audience can be heard to let out a gargly gasp.)

Aha! I know you. You are "Waffle." I've had my eye on you a long time.
Aha! I know you. You are “Waffle.” I’ve had my eye on you a long time. Now your days are numbered.

(Dialogue is interrupted by the sound of loud munching, crunching and chomping.)

Just one more bite should do closed.
I’m going to put you away for a long time in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. Where? Is it close to here? Yes, it is quite close to here. Actually, you wouldn’t believe how close….

(Suddenly there is the sound of many footsteps coming closer and closer….then the paparazzi appear, all with small rectangular flashing things in hand and pointing in the actor’s direction.)

Yes, bailiff? No, I’m just about done (burp) here….give me just a few more bites…I mean minutes with the suspect and then you can take him down to processing.

(Here, the super spy eyeballs a nearby assistant, who rushes away and quickly returns with a large container labeled “To Go.” The curtain closes.)

The End.

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl



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