Pearl Explains Parrots: Feathers

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There is a reason most feathered beings like to select and train a large featherless assistant to serve and support them.

With so many feathers to take care of, feathered beings need someone to delegate the rest of their daily responsibilities to!

Each feather on a parrot’s body requires daily attention and care. And feathers, like parrots, can get quite grumpy when the level of “customer service” is not to their satisfaction.

Feathers also have different ways of signaling they need attention.

Some get so frustrated they just go ahead and fall out (which you would think might lessen the workload, except there is always a waiting list of new feathers just itching to fill any vacancy!).

Others will stick up, or down, or out. And some just get, well, ruffled.

The ones encased in special white covers tend to be especially irritable, and sometimes the parrot will enlist his (properly trained) large featherless assistant to help with those.

Meanwhile, as the parrot in question tends to each and every one of his fluffy feathers, his large featherless assistant can be working on the rest of that day’s lengthy responsibilities list, such as parrot breakfast, parrot lunch, parrot dinner, parrot snacks, parrot photo shoots, parrot neck feather scratches, parrot shower, parrot playtime, parrot naps and parrot bedtime.

Pearl demonstrates one of the many creative ways his feathers let him know they would like some customer service now, please, already.

Pearl & Shannon

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