Pearl Explains Parrots: Millet

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Just like people have culinary preferences, so too do parrots have preferences in terms of which delicacies they prefer to dine on.

While the large featherless beings tend to only think in one dimension – for instance, they see a bag of millet and think “cereal” – beings with feathers can think in multiple dimensions at once.

So here, a parrot can look at a bag of millet and see both “lunch” and “entertainment.” First, you can eat the crunchy millet grains. Then you can fling the light and aerodynamic seed hulls all over the room.

Also, if you flap as you fling, you can make the hulls fly even farther away, such as into other rooms in the casa – making lunch both nutritious and fun!

A being with feathers shows his large featherless assistant how to view delicacies from a multi-purpose perspective.


Pearl & Shannon

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