Pearl Explains Parrots: Napping

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In the wild, most species nap for long periods of time each day.

Even for those species that are so tender and delicious they must stay alert constantly, they take small naps as often as they can.

For these beings, ideally, their naps take place in large groups (here, it goes without saying that the closer to the center of the group you are, the more likely it is that a passing predator will select your juicy neighbor instead of you).

It is all this resting that makes nature’s beauty so alluring.

It is also why the large featherless beings want to take their small rectangular flashing devices on trips to capture the loveliness of wild avians winging about, chowing, preening, nesting and, of course, resting.

For those featherless beings who are lucky enough to cohabitate with a set of lush, gorgeous feathers, they can take the help of their avian’s example to become more beautiful through plenty of restful napping.

Here, a naturally radiant feathered being shows off the beauty that comes from making sure to take plenty of restful naps each day.

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