Pearl Explains Parrots: Power Cords

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Even if you live in a very integrated interspecies flock, there will always be certain items that each flock member gravitates to.

Some of those items are so desirable everyone in the flock wants them…although often for different reasons.

Take power cords, for example.

They can be twisted and turned into so many intriguing shapes! They are easy to chew on and customize. They have great “mouth feel” and are quite satisfying as they go “down the hatch.”

Best of all, the moment the resident parrot gets his beak on the resident power cord, he is guaranteed to get all the attention he has ever wanted (and then some).

In particular, any nearby large featherless being will rush to his side, eager to offer all kinds of delicacies and playthings….in exchange for just taking his small, sharp, curved beak off the power card.

What could be easier?

A feathered flock member with a small, sharp, curved beak contemplates the household power cord, earning himself oodles of undivided, instant attention from his large featherless assistant!

Pearl & Shannon

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

10 thoughts on “Pearl Explains Parrots: Power Cords

  1. So many cords gone. I bought cord protectors and they still found a way to chew through them. Worst was a $60 computer cord. Scariest was a lamp cord I didn’t know Rainbow was attacking. It was behind the couch and I kept hearing a snapping sound but couldn’t figure out what it was. Finally Rainbow emerged with his white face feathers singed black. Idiot was electrocuting himself and still kept doing it. I almost had a heart attack; 16 years later, Rainbow is still with me. Lamp was replaced and cord secured well above bird level and covered. Never a dull moment.

    1. O.m.g. Terrifying!! Right now pearl has an in-cage birdie warmer device with a so-called chew-proof cord(the package had a picture of an African Grey parrot next to the words “chew proof.”) Guess who managed to rip off the black outer “chew proof” casing before I caught him? Another year shaved off my life right there….

  2. Oh, that was funny. Thank you for the laughs Pearl as this large featherless assistant is still in the dark from no electricity at home.

  3. My cockatoo once got to a power cord for the stand mixer and, well, we weren’t home to see it. He wore a scorch marks on his beak for weeks and my husband had to repair the cord. I’m just relieved it wasn’t fatal.

    1. Boy I’ll say! All that intelligence and curiosity in one small feathery package….boggles the mind how we manage to keep them alive from one day to the next (not to manage keeping our own anxiety levels manageable!)

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