Pearl Explains Parrots: Showering

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Parrots, like all unique species, like to develop their own individual ways of doing things.

Take showering, for instance. There are so many fun ways to shower!

For example, you could just wait for the water to fall from the sky and then not hide when it does.

Of course, you have to be an “outside parrot” for this strategy to work really well.

Another method is to simply dunk yourself in any bath you come across (often, however, the bathing accommodations can be….cramped….especially if the bath has those odd one-sided handles like many now do). Plus, the water in these isn’t always clear….go figure.

Yet another option is to stay alert for when your large featherless assistant opens up the indoor rain spout, and then you could jump under it. This can be a really fun and efficient method because you can then give everything near you a refreshing bath as well!

Finally, you could invite your large featherless assistant to escort you into the shower personally (a perk of having dedicated VIP service).

Here, a feathered being demonstrates how to train your large featherless assistant to escort you personally to the rain spout so you can enjoy a refreshing shower.

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