Pearl Explains Parrots: Singing

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When you have soft feathers and a sweet curved beak and cute pink feet, you also tend to be very good at singing.

Singing is really fun and it also accomplishes lots of important things.

For instance, when your large featherless assistant walks out of the room and breaks “line of sight,” you can start singing loudly to bring her running right back.

Then when she reappears, you can sing even more loudly to greet her and encourage her to stay put.

When you are ready for your next snack, singing is a great way to communicate your needs, as well as your menu preferences.

For instance, when your large featherless waitress procures the desired (square, ridged, waffle-flavored) snack item from the tall white cold box, you can sing as loudly as possible to encourage her that YES THAT IS IT.

Pearl demonstrates the proper stance with which to prepare to loudly sing encouragement to your large featherless waitress when she actually brings you the snack you ordered!

Boredom can also be easily alleviated with singing, especially when you decide to add some surprise “extras” to your vocal performance. For example, pecking, hissing, molting, flapping, and pooping all add excitement, color and punctuation to the show….not to mention plentiful opportunities for “audience participation.”

Sometimes the large featherless beings misunderstand your talent and call your singing “shrieking,” “squawking,” or “screeching.” This, of course, is because they are tone deaf. Here, it helps to remember that all true maestros are misunderstood at some point during their rise to fame and recognition.

You can also find yourself a “patron” – someone with musical talent who can recognize the same in others. When you find your patron, singing to them loudly and often can be a great reward for their support!

Here, a petite vocal maestro (with feathers) sits with his musically talented patron, the Tall Tree, during a brief intermission between musical selections.

Pearl & Shannon

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2 thoughts on “Pearl Explains Parrots: Singing

  1. My daughters bird try’s to make me deaf , not tone deaf, just deaf with a big screech when I walk in the door 🎃

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