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Parrots like to travel – why else would they have wings?

But they aren’t well-suited to the “economy style” traveling favored by many of their large featherless flock mates. The clanking, the banging, the honking, the crashing, the inevitable arrival of the grumpy beings in blue suits with badges and firearms….none of this occurs when parrots travel together.

Plus, when a parrot travels with other parrots, there is no need for cages, bars, perches, towels, or other bulky, noisy (and frankly often unattractive) travel accessories. These things only appear when a parrot has to travel with the large featherless beings, whose navigational skills make the extra safety precautions necessary rather than optional.

This is why parrots typically start requesting arrival time updates the moment the traveling begins. The longer the trip, the louder and longer the update requests tend to become.

A traveling parrot demonstrates his best “are we there yet?” face in between loud requests for arrival time updates.

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