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Big or small, short or tall, young or old, rich or poor, feathered or featherless, there is so much happiness to be found in this world.

And since Monday is the most stressful day of the week for many featherless beings (on account of something called “work”), Pearl figures it is also the perfect day for his weekly tutorial on finding happiness!

Here is this week’s very feathery entry:

Happiness is....a warm toasted waffle and somebody to share it with (or at least admire how cute you look while you eat it!)
Happiness is….a warm toasted waffle and somebody to share it with (or at least to admire how cute you look while you eat it!)

Now you try it!

“Happiness is…… (fill in the blanks with one or many entries!)”

BeakOGraphRight_cropPost your entries in the comments section below to be entered into a drawing to win a FREE beak-o-graphed BOOK (1 entry per person; 1 book drawing per month while supplies last).

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl


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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

21 thoughts on “Pearl’s Happiness Is…. (WIN A FREE BOOK!)

  1. Happiness is…God allowing me to awake to see another day. That’s really all it boils down to sometimes (personally, for me, most of the time).🙌🏻

  2. Happiness is waking up each new morning to a house FULL of love & spoiled rotten babies… I have a 7 year old son that is the light of my life and 6 critter babies <3 2 love birds – Gracie and Felicia, 1 cockatiel – Gibby, 1 Black Labrador – Arlo (his 2nd Birthday is this Thursday!) We have a big fat kitty named Shrimp and our newest member is Hildie a 6 month old Rottweiler puppy that we rescued from the shelter. + my awesome loving hubby 🙂
    For me happiness is waking up each morning and getting everyone up and making breakfast and getting everyone ready for their day. Happiness is being a mom and having sooo much love to give & recieve. + a nice strong cup of coffee! 🙂

    Thanks for reading! Xoxo ~Tricia

    1. Hi Tricia – you are our March free book winner – email me your best mailing address to shannon @ and we’ll get it shipped out to you! <3

      1. YAY!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! <3
        I can't wait to sit by the beach & read my new book! I emailed you my address this morning. Thanks again!!!!! <3 <3

  3. Happiness is helping a friend who is battling cancer, sell some of his cockatiels to get some needed funds for his medical bills. Praying to God to please help me sell them as soon as possible, and seeing that petition come true. I’ve sold them in one day. God is good all the time. And He makes sure I have a smile on my face, and He also put a smile on my friend’s face too as he sees the hand of the Lord! 😀👆❤

    1. That’s one of the most selfless things I’ve ever heard–how lucky your friend is to have a friend like you! I may my know either of you but I will be praying for God to allow everything that needs to fall into place do so.🙏🏻

  4. Pearl, I know it’s one entry per person, but don’t count this one as an entry. I just had to say that seeing your beautiful, and cute smiling face while enjoying your waffle sure puts a big smile on my face too! You’re so cute, and feathery, gray and petite. Just like my Cachi. 💙💙😍😘

  5. Happiness is having my sweet little cockatiel Sunny in my life everyday he brings me so much joy I was so lost after the suicide of my son years ago that I turned to things that can ruin your life and it almost did for me then I found my Sunny from a friend that had a pet store and she hand raised him he was 11 weeks old when we found each other and it changed my life completely he gave me life back so I guess you can say he is my Angel I know he can never take my sons place but he has become my second baby and I thank god for him everyday so when I think of happiness I automatically think of my Sunny he is so sweet and he is a lot of company for me I did not think that I could love anything so deeply after the loss of my son but my Happiness now comes from 1 Little Tiny Cockatiel named Sunny.

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