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If there is one thing this world always needs more of, it is wisdom.

Luckily, Pearl’s got plenty of it and he’s always happy to share!

This week, Pearl offers his Pearls of Wisdom on a topic near and dear to his heart:



Fashion is a popular area of focus for many different species. Of course, when you are lucky enough to be covered in feathers, you are always fashionable anyway.

But if you happen to flock with others who have no feathers, they may get in the habit of pestering you for fashion advice…for obvious reasons.

When this occurs, it is always best to just tell it like it is. By being blunt and honest about where they currently rank on the “fashionability scale” (an industry technical term) you have the best chances of helping them correct their fashionable faux pas before matters get even worse.


Pearl, in the middle of a fashion consulting session, attempting to instruct his (large, featherless) client about how to clear out her closet and start over.

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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