Pearl’s Weekend Reading List: 100 Heartbeats

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Here at Casa Feathers n Beak, reading is a flock-wide tradition.

While some of us like to focus on the words on the page, while others of us prefer to focus on the crispiness of those pages, it is safe to say no book entering this household lacks for attention.

So Pearl thought it would be a great idea to combine his literary knowledge with his mommy’s typing skills to share more about books we both love – just in time for your weekend reading list!

This week, the book is 100 Heartbeats by Jeff Corwin.

Pearl, contemplating the grave plight of waffles (and the shiny, crinkly cover of this book).

Pearl’s review: It is very important to save other beings. Especially if they have feathers. But other beings are also important. For example, the ones with no feathers can learn to make you waffles for breakfast – a grand disappearing delicacy everyone should have the chance to try! For more on my personal campaign, “Save the Waffles!,” you can read this great book!


His mommy’s review: I got to meet Jeff Corwin recently at a big nature event. What a thrill! His heart for nature and animals and birds and all life is HUGE. I actually learned about “100 Heartbeats” from another attendee and went right out and acquired it. It is a heart-wrenching read told by a master storyteller-conservationist who is out there in the field seeing our changing planet each and every day. I’m actually not sure how he stays so strong to do the work he does – just reading some of the stories makes me cry. But I am so grateful for his strength and this book!

Oh. And.....Check. It. Out.

Happy reading!

With love (& feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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