Presents from Parents: Re-Gifting

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Parrots are very giving and generous.

Whatever they have, they want to share it.

If they love you, they want to share it even more….and share even more of it.

This means that once you welcome a being with feathers into your life, every day is like your birthday. You will get surprise presents just when you least expect them. And no two presents will ever be exactly alike!

You can also expect lots of other kinds of free assistance that you don’t even have to ask for, which can come in especially handy during the busy holiday season! These gifts of service are equally valuable in their own unique way.

For example, let’s say a dear friend has just sent you a gift. Or at least it is addressed to you. But the moment you open it, your parrot spies it with his keen avian eyes and realizes right away it is really for him (on account of all the wonderfully crispy paper it includes).

To spare you from any disappointment, your parrot will then promptly “re-gift” it to himself so you don’t have to endure even a moment’s confusion or awkwardness over the item.

Here, a discerning family member with feathers demonstrates exactly how to “re-gift” a misdirected present!


Shannon & Pearl

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