Presents from Parrots: Days Off

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Parrots are very giving and generous.

Whatever they have, they want to share it.

If they love you, they want to share it even more….and share even more of it.

This means that once you welcome a being with feathers into your life, every day is like your birthday. You will get surprise presents just when you least expect them. And no two presents will ever be exactly alike!

One present you can expect to get regularly is reminders to take a day off, especially during the time of year known as the “holidays.” This can be a delicate balance of course, since as a large featherless assistant, you will still have certain flock-wide tasks that need attention daily.

But here, the main reminder is to remove yourself from the large rectangular device with all the crispy keys and relocate to the large, comfy stuffed item that occupies most of the central living area.

Your parrot will need to accompany you, of course, just to make sure you are really taking the day off and not trying to sneak in that other thing called “work.”

A helpful parrot lets his large featherless assistant know it is time to take a day off (or at least it will be after “parrot shower,” “parrot breakfast,” “parrot cage changing” and “parrot neck feathers” are taken care of).


Shannon & Pearl

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