Presents from Parrots: Portion Control

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Parrots are very giving and generous.

Whatever they have, they want to share it.

If they love you, they want to share it even more….and share even more of it.

This means that once you welcome a being with feathers into your life, every day is like your birthday. You will get surprise presents just when you least expect them. And no two presents will ever be exactly alike!

One present you can expect to get daily is help with portion control.

Because parrots share everything they have, they naturally expect (demand) their flock members do the same.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a delicious slice of pizza. You are really looking forward to eating it.

Then the flock member with feathers spies it. Now you have a willing (eager) dining accountability partner who will make sure the slice is evenly split between you.

Even better, your fellow feathery diner won’t hesitate to remind you about which half is yours…just in case you forget!

A flock member with feathers enjoys (and guards) his half of the shared flock pizza slice.


Shannon & Pearl

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