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“Rio” is the movie I run – not walk – to whenever either Pearl or I is having a bad day.

Or a good day, for that matter.

Pearl and I can relate to Blu and Linda (Blu’s owner). Blu is a blue macaw. Linda owns a bookshop.

Reminds me of another set of homebodies who brush teeth together each morning and night. 🙂

Joined at the hip and stay-in types by nature, Blu and Linda have a cool and quiet existence until fate intervenes and they leave snowy Minnesota for sunny Rio so Blu can meet Jewel, mate, have birdie babies, and save the blue macaw as a species.

Where (of course) the plot thickens.

Pearl was very relieved to learn she isn’t the only parrot who can’t fly.

While originally marketed as a kiddie flick, I can think of at least a full five fingers’ worth of my grown friends who like the movie as much as their kiddos – and I – do. Even my dad, who isn’t afraid to make it known that animated movies aren’t his cup of tea, enjoyed the heck out of “Rio”.

Pearl and I predict that you will love it too.

Pearl, inspired by Blu, is practicing “big wings”.

For more info:

Watch a clip here: I Wanna Party (Rio)

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