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When any two beings decide to share something, there is always a bit of negotiation involved.

Let’s say, for instance, that being A and being B decide to share a muffin.

First, portions must be selected. Typically, if it were two people sharing the muffin, they would probably negotiate to split it in half and each eat half a muffin.

But with avians, the definition of what constitutes a “portion” tends to be more flexible. For instance, what about that crunchy thin brown outer paper? Or the shiny thick muffin-coated inner liner?

If either or both of these options is present, perhaps the avian will then decide that their portion will be the inner and outer paper and the person can have the muffin.

This works out well (since humans typically don’t enjoy shredding paper goods with their teeth…er…beaks).

As you can see.

OH. A muffin. Well don't mind if I do....
OH. A muffin. Well don’t mind if I do….
But wait a minute. Let me look closer. Is that crunchy paper I see?
But wait a minute. Let me look closer. Is that crunchy paper I see?
Excellent. Muffin part's all yours, Mom.
Excellent. Muffin part’s all yours, Mom.

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